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Freemans Cycles Stock A Range of Water Bottles, Steel Cages, Plastic Cages, Aluminium Cages and Carbon Cages.

Plastic Water Bottles with Sports Tops Ideal for Cycling.

We also stock Rixen Kaul Klickfix Bottle Fitting Systems.

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  1. XLC Plastic Bottle Cage
    Perfect budget plastic bottle cage. various fitting options. Perfect for bikes with limited frame space.
  2. New
    BBB CompTank Sports Bottle (BWB-01)
    Top Value Cycling and Sports Bottle.
  3. Acor Oval Button Alloy Bottle Cage
    Lightweight Aluminum Classically Designed Bottle Cage, Suitable for holding most sports bottles.
  4. BBB FuelTank Bottle Cage (BBC-03)
    Top Value, aluminium cycling bottle cage. Available in 7 fantastic Colours.
  5. Prime Line Spring & Sip Bottle Cage
    Experience the Spring & Sip. The most advanced cage performance and convenience.
  6. Rixen & Kaul KLICKfix BottleKlick Cage Fitting Kit
    Fit any bottle cage onto any type of bike (even those without frame threads) with this easy to use fitting kit!
  7. Elite Ciussi Gel Bottle Cage
    As low as £11.99
    Top quality bottle cage with gel inserts available in 2 colours.
  8. Fat Spanner Ultra Lightweight Carbon Bottle Cage - 24g
    Ultra Light Carbon Bottle Cage is Ideal for Road or Touring Bikes where light accessories are a must!

8 Items

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