At Freemans Cycles, Cycle parts are our forte. We have a wide range of parts for all types of bicycle both new and old. We specialise in supplying parts required to keep your bicycle on the road no matter what make, model, age or colour!

We supply top quality and value parts for road bikes, hybrids, folding bicycles, track bikes, vintage bikes and more.

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  1. New
    Stump Neck Handlebar Stem - 22.2mm (1'')
    Stump Neck Handlebar Stem is suitable for bringing the handlebars closer to the rider to avoid over stretching. Great for touring or road bikes.
  2. Humpert ErgoTec Cat Niro City/Hybrid Aluminium Quill Stem
    Polished Silver Hybrid Stem with Black Head. Extra Long Stem for high handlebar riding position.
  3. Raleigh Short Reach Handlebar Stem
    Short reach handlebar stem perfect for touring bicycles to bring handlebars closer to avoid over stretching.

3 Items

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