BROOKS Leather Saddle Maintenance Kit


Brooks Leather Saddle Maintenance Kit for all Leather saddles, all you need to take care of your Brooks Saddle.

Each Brooks Saddle comes with a care leaflet. Maintaining your saddle, as described therein, will ensure that it becomes the most comfortable and durable saddle you could ever wish for.

The maintenance kit includes all you need to take care of your Brooks Saddle: ■ 25g Tin of Leather Saddle Dressing (Proofide)

■ Cotton Cloth for polishing your saddle

■ Brooks Spanner.

■ To get the most from your saddle including many hours of comfortable riding use the proofide regularily and tension accordingly.

Using Leather Saddle Dressing (Proofide):

■ Use before using the saddle to 'break in' the saddle.

■ Brooks recommend using Saddle Proofide every 3-6 months.

■ Put a small amount onto the top of the saddle and rub off after half an hour.

■ Put lots underneath the saddle to keep the dirt and salt from damaging the underside of your saddle.

Please note that the standard spanner works on most models with the exception of the Swallow Titanium, which has its specific spanner, and the Swift Titanium, which can be tensioned with an allen key.

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