In order to encourage healthier lifestyles and to help reduce environmental pollution, the UK Government has introduced various Cycle to Work Schemes.

- In addition to the health and environmental benefits of these Schemes, these Schemes also provide financial benefits to both the employer and employees - The schemes enable you to make huge saving on a brand new bicycle by allowing the company to buy the bicycle whilst you repay them over a set period. - The VAT (17.5%) can be reclaimed, whilst you re-pay directly to your employer from your salary on a monthly or weekly basis avoiding National Insurance and Income Tax. The process is called ‘Salary Sacrifice' - Savings start at a minimum of 25% (including an End of Hire fee) but most people save more. Use the Cycle Scheme Savings Calculator to find out more ( - You are also able to purchase safety equipment, accessories & clothing under the same scheme along with the bicycle.

What's the process for obtaining my new bicycle through Freemans Cycles  via the Cycle Scheme?

Step 1 - Is your Employer Signed up?

To get a bike through Cyclescheme, your employer needs to be signed up to the scheme. If your employer is not signed up, or you are not sure, speak to your manager or HR department, and direct them to the Cycle Scheme Website. You can also Invite Employer To Join Cycle Scheme via the Cycle Scheme Website.

Step 2 - Choosing Your Bicycle Package

This is the fun part - choosing your bicycle!! Pop in to the shop to discuss your options with us, we will be able to advise you of your options when you visit us. You can try bicycle sizes and see a snapshot of our range in store. We can discuss the finer points of the scheme and answer any questions you have regarding bicycles, accessories or details of the scheme itself. We will be happy to provide you with a written quotation of the Bicycle, Accessories and Safety Equipment we have discussed, you will have all the information to decide, in your own time, whether to go ahead with the contract. (Please Note: All Bicycle Prices revert to the RRP when purchased via Cycle Scheme - this is a Cycle Scheme Rule to ensure fair play amongst bicycle shops)

Step 3 - Request your Secure Certificate Online

Go to your employer's special Cyclescheme web address to request your certificate. If you are not sure what this is, ask your manager or Cyclescheme administrator. You should be able to input the information from your Written Quotation which includes Freemans Cycles Shop Code (RAYFR002) as well as your the details of your personalised Bicycle Package. Cycle Scheme will ask your employer to confirm your eligibility and approve your request. Remember that you can track your request at any time by clicking on My Cyclescheme.

Step 4 - Receiving your voucher via email or post

Once the elegibility checks have been completed, Cycle Scheme will send your employer an invoice for the bike package. A hire agreement will also be sent to you to sign. As soon as the bike is paid for by your company, Cycle Scheme will send you your certificate, which will either be via email (as an E-Certificate) or in the post. Occasionally certificates are sent directly to your employer.

Step 5 - Collecting your Bicycle

Once you have received your Certificate, you will need to contact Freemans Cycles to arrange for the bicycle to be ordered / picked from stock and assembled ready for you to collect. Freemans Cycles will contact you to confirm any arrangements for collection. When collecting your bicycle you will need to bring a copy of your certificate and also some ID

Step 6 - Get Cycling to work!!

Whilst you are enjoying to your new bicycle, Freemans Cycles will be redemming your certificate with Cycle Scheme. Salary Sacrifice will then commence automatically and will continue to the end of your agreed term.

Step 7 - What happens at the end of the contract term?

At the end of your hire period you must make another payment to take ownership of the cycle. Without this payment HMRC would class the agreement as hire purchase (rather than hire), and as such the tax exemption would not be available. If Cyclescheme is handling your end of hire options you will be given the following 3 options at the end of you hire period:
    1. Under a separate agreement with Cyclescheme, pay a small refundable deposit (3% or 7% of the certificate value*) and continue to use the bicycle for 3 years. The monthly payments during the Extended Use Agreement are zero. At the end of this period, Cyclescheme refunds the deposit if you do not wish to keep the bicycle. No further action or payment is required if you wish to keep the bicycle.
    2. Take ownership of the bicycle by paying Cyclescheme the market value (e.g., for a one year old bicycle this would be 18% or 25%* of the certificate value in accordance with HMRC requirements).
    3. Return the bicycle to Cyclescheme
Cyclescheme’s recommended option is for employees to select option 1.  You can participate in another scheme during this period, as the agreement is directly between yourself and Cyclescheme - the employer does nothing more. For more information regarding End of Hire - You should speak to your employer as this differs from company to company.

Can I still use Freemans Cycles and Cycle Scheme is I don't live near your Norwich Store?

Yes!! You can simply view our selection of bicycles, accessories and safety equipment online. Once you have selected the bicycle and accessories that you require, simply email us [email protected]  We will then be able to provide you with an emailed quotation of your selected Bicycle Package - we can also recommend any safety equipment at this time. Once you have received your emailed quotation from us, it will work in a similar way to if you received a written quotation in store, You are able to apply for the Cycle Scheme Voucher online in the same way. Once you contract has been approved and you have received your voucher, you will need to email the voucher to us. We will then order / pick your bicycle from stock and fully assemble this. We charge £18.75 to deliver bicycles and this will be charged in addition to your Cycle Scheme Voucher. (We are unable to include the delivery cost as part of the Cycle Scheme Voucher as part of the Cycle Scheme rules.) We can accept this additional payment via Paypal or by Debit Card via the telephone. We will then ship you bicycle to you and complete the administration in the same way!

For further information

Please contact [email protected]. Alternatively, feel free to pop in and one of our staff will happily discuss all things Cycle Scheme:- Freemans Cycles Ltd 1-3 Heigham Street Norwich Norfolk NR2 4TE Tel: 01603 626602 We also participate in the University of East Anglia, Norwich Bioscience Institutes, CyclePlus, Cycle2Work & Bike2Work Schemes. The process for application is similar to that illustrated above. If you require further information or assistance regarding these additional schemes please contact us at [email protected]. cyclescheme