Here at Freemans Cycles, we genuinely believe, that if we can reduce our waste, reuse whatever we can and recycling everything else, even on an individual level as well as on a business level, we can try and reduce the damage that the human waste has caused to the planet. This is not a corporate incentive, this is a family who strive in their personal lives not waste a thing, bring their habits to their business, we want to encourage all our customers to try and waste less, recycle and reuse more! Leading by example, here's what we are doing as a business to be more friendly to our planet.....

Waste Less....

  • Richard can often be seen on is bike during the daily commute, he bikes in from outside of Norwich most days, unless the weather is too windy/snowy.
  • Joy take the bus to work or car shares with Richard.
  • Laura lives in the city, so she either bikes or walks depending on the weather.....or how late she is!!
  • Plastic Bags - We only give out bags to our customers on request and these bags will always be re-used, never brand new!
  • Receipts - We only give out paper receipts to shop customers on request. This allows us to cut out un-necessary paper.
  • Energy - We turn off all lights and electronic equipment when we are not using them (although we are only human and do sometimes forget.... mainly Laura!)
  • Brands - We favour brands with less or easily recyclable packaging.
  • Bulk Purchasing - Purchasing in bulk for cheaper, high turnover products, such as cassettes, derailleurs, chains etc allows us to reduce packaging on workshop items as well as save out customers £££
  • Carbon Footprint - We try and buy all shop consumables from local Norwich based companies, paper, printer ink, gloves etc. These are all from smaller local businesses, supporting the local economy as well as the wider environment.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to source all our bikes, components and accessories locally, but we buy items made here in the United Kingdom wherever possible. Brooks, Carradice and Lusso Clothing are examples of these brands.

Re-use More....

  • Packaging - We reuse all the packaging sent to us by our suppliers, boxes, mailing bags and jiffy bags are all reused to send out our web orders.
  • We have a steady stream of packaging, including bubble wrap, jiffy bags etc from our lovely customers, friends and surrounding business who allow us to reuse their unwanted packaging
  • Paper - We re-use any misprints, unwanted pages and old diary pages - perfect for telephone messages!
  • Second Hand - Although most of the components we sell in the shop are new, we do keep good second hand items, this allows us to help our customers on a much lower budget whilst their bikes are in the workshop.
  • Textiles - We use old but clean towels, sheets etc in the workshop as rags, unfortunately once these oily, we can no longer recycle these further so these do unfortunately end up in land fill.
  • Tubes - These are the most wasted component that we see, unfortunately as modern tubes are made of Butyl rather than natural rubber, these will not break down over time, every tube in landfill will be there for years.Therefore we are happy to give these away to be used for something useful - examples of which are plant/tree ties and cheap sports equipment!
  • Upcycle - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and....... upcycle? We have seen some great examples of using old components for something else... we have seen bird feeders made from wheels to old chain for BBQ roasting spit! If you need something for a project and we have it to be recycle - ask us!!!

Recycle everything we can....

  • Metal - Any broken or worn-out components, wheels and frames are recycled as scrap metal.
  • Compost - Tea keeps us going here at Freemans Cycles - unfortunately we have to use teabags at the shop (Did you know that most teabags are 25% plastic!!! :O). These are recycled as compost along with any other food waste using the curbside bin.
  • We recycle all paper, cardboard and as much plastic as we possibly can in conjunction with our local recycling centre.


(If a bike is worth saving - we will tell you!) Let us know your ideas for improving our carbon footprint.. we love to hear new ways to waste less and recycle more!!