Carradice 50ml Cotton Duck Reproofing Wax

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Reproofing wax for cotton duck clothing, panniers and bags.


50ml tin of reproofing wax for any cotton duck products.

Directions for Use:

■ Brush off any excess dirt and/or clean using cold clean water.

■ Place tin in hot water to soften the wax

■ Apply with a clean cotton cloth - smooth over surface paying particular attention to seams and lids,

■ Once applied, disperse the wax evenly into the fabric by warming the surface with a hair dryer..

More Information
Brand Carradice
Compatible with No
Bottom Bracket Type No
Position on Bike No
Number of Teeth No
Teeth Sizes No
Chainwheel Type No
Crank Length No
Fitting Type No
Number of Functions No
Wireless? No
Derailleur Type No
Gear Fitting No
Gear Number No
Lever Position No
Shifter Size No
Adjustable No
Stem Type No
Bar Bore Diameter No
Stem/Steerer Diameter No
Stem Reach Length No
Width No
Headset Size No
Headset Spacer Thickness No
Light Type No
Lock Type No
Seatpost Diameter No
Material No
Sturmey Archer Part Type No
Toe Clip Size No
Valve Type No
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