Carradice Super C SQR Tour Saddlebag with SQR Bracket - Standard Bands

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The Super C SQR Tour - is ideal for light touring or day trips. Cotton Duck Material for water resistance and durability.

The SQR Tour bag uses the Carradice Seatpost Quick Release (SQR) fitting. Once fitted, removing the bag takes just a few seconds with no fiddly straps to negotiate.

Its metal frame support and internal stiffeners keeps the bag stable even when riding out of the saddle. Larger than the average seatpost bag and able to carry a maximum weight of 10 kg make this bag great for lightweight touring of day rides.

■ Capacity: 16 Litres

■ Dimensions: 18cm Wide x 37cm High x 20cm Deep

■ Fitting System: SQR - Seatpost Quick Release System - Patented System from Carradice that means you can carry up to 10Kg in their specially designed bags.

■ No of Pockets: Side Pockets for tools and internal pouch for valuables.

■ Material: Cotton Duck

■ Ideal for audax, club rides or hostelling.

■ Wipe Clean Mudguard surface on underside

■ Carry handle

■ Reflectors and LED straps on easy access lid

■Maximum Load: 10kg

■ Standard Band - to fit seatposts up to 32mm Frame Size

Minimum Seatpost Length Required 22'' + (56cm) = 60mm 21''+ (53cm) = 85mm 20'' (51cm) = 110mm 19'' (48cm) = 135mm

Cotton Duck Fabric properties:

■ "Duck" is the name given to the specific weave of the cotton fabric Carradice use in their bags. It's rugged and tough and can withstand plenty of knocks.

■ The fabric is pressure impregnated with Parrafin Wax to make it waterproof. This means ther's no coating that could get rubbed off. It also allows the fabric to breathe, so your belongings don't "sweat"

■ Carradice source their 100% waterproof Cotton Duck from Halley Stephensons - they've been making it for 150 years, but their factory is state of the art to ensure perfect quality.

■ When rain hits the fabric, the outer cotton filaments swell, effectively closing up any gaps in the weave and around the stitching. Combined with the barrier of wax, this very effectively stops the rain getting through. It's a system that has worked brilliantly for 200 years - Waxed cotton really is the original performance fabric

■ The fabric can easily be reproofed using reproofing wax (available separately)

■The fabric can be patched and repaired using the Carradice cotton duck repair kit (available seperately) With a little bit of care, your cotton duck bag could last you a lifetime Many hard laborers, for example, swear by the quality of garments made with cotton duck, which protect them from the perils of the workplace.

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